Broncos draft Bo Nix: Here’s how the national media graded the pick (2024)

Sean Payton has his quarterback after the Broncos selected Oregon’s Bo Nix with the No. 12 pick in the NFL draft on Thursday.

ANALYSIS: The Broncos waited and waited, then made a franchise-sized bet on Oregon QB Bo Nix

Here’s a look at how national analysts are grading the selection:

Bleacher Report’s Brent Sobleski: D

“With five quarterbacks already off the board, the Denver Broncos chose not to risk losing their guy. But they pulled the trigger on a second-round quarterback with the 12th overall pick.

“At the very least, Nix is a better value than Michael Penix Jr., whom the Atlanta Falcons took at No. 8 overall. He also should be a good fit in Sean Payton’s offense. However, this was a massive reach.”

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco:C-

“I don’t love Nix, but I get the pick. Desperation forces teams to pick quarterbacks earlier than they should. Sean Payton obviously sees Drew Brees in him, but this is way early. Why not trade down and get him later?”

ESPN’s Jordan Reid: No grade given

“With Jarrett Stidham and newly acquired Zach Wilson as the top quarterbacks on the Broncos’ roster, Nix enters into a situation where he could find early snaps. With 61 career starts during his college career — the most in FBS history — Nix will mesh well into coach Sean Payton’s offense. Oregon’s offense was predominantly run-pass option and there will be an adjustment period for him as he enters into a tough AFC West.”

Fox Sports’ Rob Rang: B-

“From a scheme and personality perspective, Nix is a terrific fit in Denver as Sean Payton requires his quarterbacks to be quick processors with mobility. Nix, of course, entered the draft as the most experienced quarterback in the class and 152 overall scores (38 on the ground) over his career. He’s also as grounded and humble as it gets. Nix does not possess as strong of an arm as most of the five other quarterbacks who have already been selected, however, so perhaps the Broncos are banking on the thin air in Denver to keep his receivers happy.”’s Bucky Brooks: No grade given

“Nix is an experienced playmaker with the arm talent and athleticism to execute Sean Payton’s offense in Denver. He fits the Drew Brees-like prototype, getting the ball to his playmakers and accurately delivering passes at the short and intermediate levels.”

SB Nation’s Joseph Acosta: C+

“The run on QBs continues, with the Nix to Denver rumors being true. While Nix is a good point and shoot QB with accuracy to the short areas of the field, a lot of that Oregon offense was watered down and his responses under pressure left a lot to be lacking. Denver was in a tough spot in this draft, needing a QB but not having the capital to move up to do it. Better hope he works out.”

Sports Illustrated’s Matt Verderame: C

“Much like Michael Penix Jr., Nix is a case of what you see is what you get. At Auburn, Nix struggled over three seasons, completing 59.4% of his attempts. Then, after transferring to Oregon, he took off, culminating in a season with 45 touchdown passes against three interceptions.

“Nix’s size isn’t great at just 6’2″ and 214 pounds, and his mobility is limited. He ran for just 234 yards in 2023, albeit notching 14 rushing touchdowns in ’22. Yet if he continues trending upward, he could be a quality NFL quarterback.”

USA Today’s Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz: C+

“With a rush on quarterbacks and Denver lacking a second-round pick, Denver perhaps was boxed in during its pursuit of a quarterback. But perhaps this is the signal-caller that best fits Sean Payton’s exacting style. With a Football Bowl-subdivision record 61 starts under his belt, Nix stands out from other rookies with his savvy and experience. But that’s to be expected of a 24-year-old. He’ll have to prove he can let plays develop after operating out of a quick-hit offense that provided him an abundance of easy throws behind the line of scrimmage and in the underneath range. But Payton likely will heavily emphasize the screen game as he works Nix into the offense. Ultimately, however, Nix might not elevate this team so much as keep it afloat as it enters what could be a trying 2024 season.”

Yahoo! Sports’ staff: F

“Quarterback thirst has officially gone too far. There’s simply no need for the Broncos to force this pick here. Bo Nix does not have the profile of the quarterback that’s going to save Denver. Bo Nix, Zach Wilson and Jarrett Stidham will battle it out this summer for the right to be the starter, but Nix is closer to being a backup in the NFL than a franchise starter.”

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Broncos draft Bo Nix: Here’s how the national media graded the pick (2024)
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