Who is Overtimemegan and What she is Doing for a Living? (2024)


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Overtimemegan Wiki

In the ever-evolving world of social media, where influencers rise to fame with each viral post and captivating video, Megan Eugenio – better known as Overtimemegan – stands as a testament to the incredible power of creativity and hard work. Megan’s journey from a social media intern to a cherished and influential figure in the world of sports media, is a remarkable story of talent and perseverance.

Who is Overtimemegan and What she is Doing for a Living? (1)

Born under the zodiac sign of Libra on 17 October 1999, Megan hails from Peabody, Massachusetts USA, holds American nationality, and her ethnicity is of Caucasian descent. She was raised by her parents, Michelle and Mark, alongside her three siblings, Amanda, Joshua and Mark Junior, who sadly died in 2006.

When it comes to her educational background, Megan attended Bishop Fenwick High School, and upon matriculating in 2017, she moved to New York City and enrolled at Pace University, although it isn’t clear if she graduated, as in one of her videos posted in 2022, she said that she’s still a college student.

Early Days and Overtime Internship

Megan Eugenio’s journey to stardom began in 2019 when she joined Overtime, a well-known sports media organization catering to younger audiences. Starting as a social media intern, Megan quickly caught the attention of her colleagues and superiors with her unique content creation abilities, and a deep understanding of the dynamics of social media.

Her role as a social media intern allowed her to experiment with various content formats, from short videos to engaging posts, and it didn’t take long for her creative spark to ignite. Megan’s passion for storytelling and her ability to connect with the audience became evident early in her career, setting the stage for her rapid rise within Overtime.

Megan Eugenio’s rise within Overtime was meteoric, as her captivating and amusing content swiftly made her a beloved creator within the organization. What sets Megan apart is her ability to engage audiences on a wide array of topics. Her content isn’t limited to just sports; it covers popular culture, lifestyle, and personal vignettes from her own life. This diversity has allowed her to connect with a broad and engaged following, expanding her reach and influence beyond the realm of sports.

Taking the Podcasting Plunge

In a world where content creators often seek new ways to engage their audience, Megan Eugenio recognized the power of podcasting, and in 2021, she embarked on a new journey, launching her podcast, “Fresh Daily Meggs”. With her established following and a deep understanding of her audience, Megan’s transition to podcasting was seamless.

Megan’s approach to podcasting mirrors her content creation style, offering a unique perspective and engaging storytelling. Her episodes often feature guests, discussions, and stories that resonate with her audience, making her podcast a must-listen-to for those looking for informative, entertaining and relatable content.

In the first episode of her podcast, Megan spoke about her journey from a small Massachusetts town to New York City and work at the Overtime. She said that she has always been a fan of sports, and wanted to play basketball, but was expelled from the team due to her height. Megan participated in pageants and was a cheerleader – as she said, she felt like an outcast dreaming of living and working in a big city. Her dream was to become famous, because she was never a ‘popular high school girl’.

Megan’s narrative resonated deeply with her followers, serving as an inspiration to many who expressed their gratitude for her willingness to share her personal experiences. In doing so, she demonstrated that she, too, had overcome challenges and setbacks, making her a relatable figure in the eyes of her devoted audience.

All episodes of her podcast can be seen on her YouTube channel, “Overtime Megan”, which isn’t just about entertainment – it’s also a platform for change. In addition to sharing her personal experiences and insights, she uses her podcast to discuss important societal issues, bringing attention to topics that matter to her and her listeners. Her ability to tackle diverse subjects with grace and empathy showcases her commitment to making a positive impact.

Presence on social media platforms

As Megan continues to thrive in her role as a creator and influencer, she serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators who hope to achieve similar success in the competitive world of social media. When it comes to the number of her followers, Megan’s Instagram account is being followed by more than 600,000 people, while her Twitter’s amassed nearly 160,000 followers.

However, her TikTok account has the biggest number of followers, nearly three million people, and the number of likes on her videos is approaching an impressive 110 million.

Most recently, the publication of several of Megan’s personal videos and pictures without her consent caused a great stir and generated considerable public interest. She even considered canceling her TikTok account, which her fans begged her not to do.

Love life and relationships

Like many social media influencers, Megan has also been the subject of numerous rumors about her love life. One of the rumors was that she’d been dating Cole Schwindt, a professional hockey player who plays for the Calgary Wranglers in the American Hockey League (AHL).

When Megan posted a photo featuring her and Josh Giddey, a professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association (NBA) team, Oklahoma City Thunder, rumors about the two of them began circulating the internet. Allegedly, the two began dating in April 2023, however, as of October 2023, neither Megan nor Josh confirmed these assumptions.

Age, appearance, and net worth

Megan recently celebrated her 24th birthday. According to her fans, her distinctive appearance sets her apart in the world of social media. Her signature features include natural curly hair, elegantly dyed in a blonde hue, complementing her captivating hazel eyes and full lips. Standing at a petite height of 5ft 2ins (1.57m) and weighing approximately 110lbs (50kgs), her unique combination of features contributes to her charm and allure, making her a recognizable and beloved figure in the digital landscape.

Besides fame, Megan has earned decent wealth thanks to her hard work. According to sources, as of October 2023, her net worth has been estimated at over $1.5 million.

Who is Overtimemegan and What she is Doing for a Living? (2024)


How tall is Ot Megan? ›

Overtime Megan's height is 5 feet 2 inches (157 centimetres). The American online personality also weighs 110 lbs (50 kg).

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Overtime refers to any hours worked by an employee that exceed their normally scheduled working hours. While a generalized overtime definition refers simply to those hours worked outside of the standard working schedule, overtime commonly refers concurrently to the employee's remunerations of such work.

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6. M3GAN is played by two actors. M3GAN came to life through a mixture of CGI, puppetry and real actors. Amie Donald performed the movements for M3GAN's body while wearing an animatronic mask, while Jenna Davis voiced the deadly doll.

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