Love's Labyrinth (Book 2) || A Rafe Cameron Fanfiction - Chapter 13 (2024)


The second Rafe had landed in OBX he had called Sarah to try to reason with her, to try to get to Raven. She hadn't picked up the first three times he had called but on the forth it rang for a few seconds then finally an answer.

"Rafe what the f*ck do you want?" Sarah sounded mad, which just pissed him off.

"I'm in OBX," Rafe's voice was low, and she heard a sigh come from Sarah.


"Because I need Raven, I'm not f*cking leaving without her," He rolled his eyes as if she could see him as he got onto his dirt bike that Barry had dropped for him earlier.

"You need to give her f*cking space, don't f*cking bother her, you've f*cked her up enough," Sarah spat and hung up.

He shoved his phone into his pocket, then sped off down the road to Barry's. It didn't take him long to get there, he had a pit feeling in his stomach being back here, but he had nowhere else to go.

"HEY COUNTRY CLUB LOOK AT YOU," Barry yelled walking out the front door.

"Here's your money," Rafe handed him three stacks of cash, causing Barry to smirk.

"Surprised you came back, thought everything was happy in paradise," Barry snorted, causing Rafe to glare at him.

"I need to go find my- I need to go find Raven," Rafe sighed, throwing the suitcase onto the porch.

"I ain't taking that in for you, that's staying out here til you get back."

"I don't f*cking care," Rafe rolled his eyes, getting back on his bike.

Raven had woken up that morning and didn't want to deal with anyone, so the second she realized everyone was asleep, she left a note then slipped out the front door to go down to the beach. She knew when and doubted, no matter what, the water would always be there for her. the second her shoes hit the familiar gravel path it's like every memory she had ever had of this place came rushing back to her. She had picked up the pace and walked to the closest beach then down the pathway. The sand touched her feet as she took her shoes off right where the beach met the road and she slowly walked towards the water. She sat down and just stared at the water, mesmerized by the movement, like it was welcoming her back. This is the first time she had felt something in the past three days, it wasn't much but thankfully it was something.

"RAVEN?" Her name was called by a familiar voice, too familiar, the low tone of it, the hint of concern mixed with relief.

Her head whipped around as she saw him standing there, her heart was beating out of her chest but also managed to drop all the way down to her feet at the same time. She couldn't breathe, too much was coming back to her all at once.

"Why are you here," She looked at Rafe, pain in her eyes, she had really felt something now.

She had felt pain and anger, but she also somehow felt slight relief, maybe he had come to take her back, no, she couldn't let him so easily.

"Please listen," He walked up to her like he was going to wrap his arms around her but she took a step back, "Raven, please."

She shook her head no, letting a tear fall, she clenched her body like it was taking everything in her power not to throw her arms around him and let him hold her, but she also wanted to punch him in the f*cking face. She wanted to scream at him and tell him she hated what he did, but she just let the tears fall.

"Why are you here," She repeated her self letting the tears fall.

"I didn't mean what I said, I can't live without you, Raven please," She could tell her was fighting everything in him to not cry.

"I don't want you near me," She let out a shaky breath and started to walk back to where her shoes were sitting.

"RAVEN PLEASE," He yelled and she whipped around.

"You did this. YOU CAUSED THIS," She turned on her heel and screamed at him.

"I KNOW," He yelled, he knew, he knew what he did was a mistake, he wanted to admit that to her, he wanted her to know that he was really sorry, "I f*cked up, I know."

"I've done nothing but f*cking LOVE YOU, I left everything behind so I could be with you, I moved to another f*ckING COUNTRY FOR YOU RAFE," She couldn't fight the tears any longer, she was letting them all fall as she stared at his blank face, "And you're not even f*cking sorry," She sniffed and walked off with her shoes

"Raven no-" He walked after her but she ignored him, "DO YOU THINK I WOULD'VE COME BACK OF I DIDN'T WANT TO FIX THIS?"

She stopped in her tracks, unfortunately he had a point. She couldn't look at him but she knew he was staring at her. He had moved closer to her, he was almost touching her, but he knew not to. He wanted to respect her, so he didn't move any closer.

"Raven," His voice was low and a shiver went down her spine.

She could finally hear the pain in his voice, maybe he was in pain, maybe he was sorry. She couldn't let herself cave so easily though she was so much better than that, she knew she was, but there was something about him that made me feel like she was suffocating and the only way she could breathe again was if she was with him. He had moved a little closer, enough that she could feel his breath on her neck. Their hands brushed and she started to sob.

"Raven," His breath was shaky like he was about to start crying too, "I'm sorry."

She had never heard those words with so much meaning before, but she couldn't give in. She fell to the ground crying and in an instant she was in Rafe's arms.



I hope you enjoyed this chapter, just because they have met again doesn't mean you can get comfortable, I'm just letting you know the

I love you guys so much, you all are so amazing <333

1073 Words!!!

Love's Labyrinth (Book 2) || A Rafe Cameron Fanfiction  - Chapter 13 (2024)
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