Lafayette Advertiser from Lafayette, Louisiana (2024)

Capital, Surplus, $6,000. Cb Girart); President Wm. Cleoo. Vice I'risiduil Davidson, Cashier DIRECTORS: Mucton, G. VOOKHiES, Jocks Modton Leo uirard.

Wm. Cleoo, Wa. Campbell, F. H. GRF.aon?, Crow 6ikabd- Prompt and careful attention to all business intrnrtwi lo our arec We solicit a share of your patronage.

THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Of Louisiana. Capital Stock $25,000 P- Moss. Preai'lent. 4 G. Pakkersos, Vice Presidmi DIRECTORS: Rn.i.t«ni).

Ta WKtTTINOToN, C. Brown Mouton, Feux Dkxakadb J. A. Rot, 8. R.

IHukerbon, Cnshiei McBTOH, Asst. Cash 23 P. B. Rot, G. Parkbrson, N.

P. Moss. TT 4. S. R.

Parkerson. PARKERSON MOUTON. I Insurance Ageaoy. Established in 1897. Fire, life, boiler, accident and employers' liability.

Also agent for the New Smith Premier Typewriter. LIGHT STRONG Cfombined with other characterize the vehicles we have to present for your purchase and approval. Some ot their other good qualities are up-to-dateness, prices reasonable, durability, and style. When you want anything on wheels, except a locomotive, DENBO NICHOLSON The Proper Way to Travel, THE- Southern Pacific, "Sunset Route." No matter where you wish to go. Free ehair cars, splendid equipments box vestibuled, perfect trains.

EQUIPMENT THE BEST ROUTE THE QUICKEST. W. H. 3dastor3, Traf. Manager California The West.

New York. The East. copy of the Sourtiem PaciBc Rice Cook JJook, 7. S. Asst.

P. and A. JUST RECEIVED! ioo COOKING STOVES. Watolamaker, and Optician. Fine Line of Watches Clocks, arid Jewelry.

Glasses Fitted. Repair Work All Work Guaranteed. 6-18 lycar C. SALLES. DENTIST- Office on Street.

Lafayette. Louisiana 0. H. Holmes Canal St, New Orleans, Louisiana. The largest and most com ElPOrders by mail will receive our prompt attention.

Qua. A Breatlx, Lawyer, Will hereafter practice his profession redulailytn the 17th Judicm Dibtrirl sues 01 LiarayeiH- van veruiuiriM Pianos COITOVER Eranicn Baoafi CABLE Chicago Cottage Organs. Recolumandeilby all Leading Musicians. Wiite foi UIBMS COHMKY MANUFACTURERS. New Orleans, La.

GHAS. D. CAFFERY. ATTORNEY-AT LAW1 and NOTARY PUBLIC Otilctf on Madison ination admitted. Lafayette, La- Subscribe for The Advertiser Wm.OAMPBELL ATTORNEY-AT LAW and N0TAB.Y ID flLIC practice In thla and aajouuagr parishes.

Lafayette, la. JET. P. BEELER DENTIST. Otfice on Lincoln Av.

LAFAYTSTTR, Pjntirn PmwrAlT pitta Department Store in the IU UN I UU1HVMH1 LAFAYETTE, LA Boarding and Day Sch A full course in French Fnglish. Pupils of every denom Retail Protects Association Directors and stockholders meet every 1st Monday afte nnmenwaux. L. F. Guene, Domengeaux Guerre GENERAL INSURANCE AGENCY.

Fire and all classes of Insurance handled with care and promptness at lowest current rates. HOUTON BROS. General Merchandise. the for present will be in Lafayette 10th at the iiome ire ui Saturday. Ihouse at Best Goods at Lowest Prices, Consistent Witti Quality.

R. Domengeaux. flj ju.altt m.l pi to nut tlif Pi Wc will plLMsure slinwmn entire linn H. C. Wallis.

L. P. Guerre, J. R. domengeaux REAL ESTATB AGENTS AND BROKERS.

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA. Given. Prompt Attesitiefa Jean Vigneaiix, Undertaker Lacoste Hardware Store, JKBmJm The LirgiMtCairiaap and Hardware House fTM i id i. i ji i iVcd. ft ja Southwest Louisiana.

A LIST OF JURORS. Pacific R. R. Schedule 1 BllUtJD State of Lotiisinna, Pnrisb of L.ifa\ette, 18th Judicial District Court List of Grand and Petit Jurors drawn for service at the session of the ldfch Judicial District Court in and for the parish of Lafayette, beginning on Monday September zotu isus LIST OP GRAND JUROBSv No. Names Ward.

1 Adam A. Donungues 1 2 Martial Hebert 1 3 Hugh Hutchison 4 Alfred D. 2 5 Simeon Begnaud 8 6 W. Nicholson 3 7 Dr N. P.

Moss 8 8 J. C. Nickerson 6 9 Edmond Martin 3 10 A. Cleophas Broussard 3 11 Lucien S. Broussard 4 12 P.

A Duplex 4 13 A Gauthier 5 14 Jos. LeBlanc 5 13 C. Brown 16 Odon Guidry 6 17 Albert Landry 7 18 Alphonse Broussard 7 19 Paul 8 20 Cleobulo Doncet 8 List of Petit Jurors drawn for service for the week beginning Monrlav October 5th, 1903. No Names Ward 1 Didier Verot 7 2 E. J.

Arceneaux 3 J. O. LeBlanc Jr, 4 Alexander M. Broussard 5 Eher David 6 Zack Domengeaux 7 Ulysse Duhon 8 Charles S. Young 9 Edmond Vooi'hies 10 J.

E. Sterling 11 J. O. Broussard 12 TheOdule Dupuis 13 E. Bigginbotham 14 Charles D.

Harrington 15 Philibert Broussard 16 R. Bernard 17 Louis Bernard 18 Levi O. Eme3 19 Emmick Courtney 20 Oneaime Landry 21 Napoleon Breautf 22 Rodolphe Guidry 23 Archie A. Morgan Ji. 24 Joseph Hebert 25 Gaston Frances 3 26 Elie Billaud 27 Hugh Wallace 28 Charles BUrke 2 29 Hector ConeUy 6 30 Placide Breaux 3 List of Petit Jurors drawn for service for the week beginning Monday October 12th, 1903, No.

Names Wara. Paul Richer Placide Gnilbeau 6 Edward Marquis 3 Antoine Bacquet 1 Ovey P. Comeaux 7 Philibert Crouchet 3 Paul Martin 3 Hector Prejean Arthur Bofinet 3 10 Drozin E. Broussard 7 11 J. C.

Couyillon 8 12 Wilfred Riu 3 13 Guillaunie Bernard 5 14 a 15 W. T. Nibkel 2 16 Charles A. MUler 6 17 Maurice Moutott 3 18 Rene Duijio 6 19 L- E. Lacpur 3 20 A.

J. LeBlanc 3 21 J. G. Daujterive 3 22 Jack Smith 5 23 Dupleix J. Breaux 6 2'4 Edward T.

McBride 8 25 T. A. McPaddin 9 26 Sidney Martin ti 27 Desire Doucet 28 Ferdinand Trahan 4 29 Jacques A. Delhomme 30 J. S.

Rand i State of Louisiana, Parish of Lafayette. I hereby certify the above ana i foregoing to be a true and correct copy of the oi'iginal list of Grand and Petit Jurors selected and drawn for service at the session of tlM Judicial District Court in and for the Parish of Lafayette, La beginning on Monday September 28th A. D. Witness, my hand and seal of office at Lafayette, La.t this 20th day of August A. D.

1903. Ed, G. Voorhies Clerk of Court, ir rj I J. Bonnet Bicycle Doctor. Bicycles, bicycle sundries and fittings, and all kinds of repair work.

Agent tor Imperial and Crawford Call and see samples or write for catalog and prices. ii arrives 11 SO nm L-ftyi'S ll 89 Snriivis 2 50 urn Leaves 3 05 aft 10 aruves 1 13 pffl Leaves 1 25 pnl So 3 Leaves 30 ant WLST No 7 niuvi 2 JIB Leaves 27 pin Xo fl airiViS 5 02 pm 5 lo pra No T8 arrives 1 1 20 nnt lenvcs lUOpm MixpiI iniin unvi 8 50 pm Mixul ti 'in lenves 7 00 am LeaVes 40 ptitt HoW t6 Help. The Muskogee, I contains the folio wing advice oil the tfay lo help your home town, which is applicable to everj! growing city: Praise it Improve it. Talk about it Trade at home. Write about it Be public spirited Take a home pride in it Remember it is jour home.

Tellot all its bubiness men. Tell of its oun business sources. Tell of i's natural Try and induce others to trade uere. When strangers come to town use them well. Look, ahead of self when all the town is considered.

Don't call your best citiaens" frauds and imposters. Support your local institutions that benefit your town. 1 Help your public officers dd the most good for the most people. Don forget ttiat you live on the people hete and should help others a i they help you. Don't advertise your loeal paper "to help the editor," but advertise to help yourself.

Don't forget your local paper is always building up the towii and earns your suscription. Respect every good citiaen in your town, and if there are any others, try and make them good. If your tax is increased a dollar by improvements, ber your property is oenenipea many times this sum. An Unfortunate New Orleans SlalfB. We cannot the tempta1 tionto reprodilte the fogowing account of the harrowing mis' fortunes that befell a Worthy judge of Oklahoma Territory, which we find in the columns of that sprightly paper, the Madill News: "About two weeks ago Judg6 LAFAYETTE, LA.

Phone 124-2. III I IM I ift I Lewis, while taking a bath backed up' and made a rear-end connection with a red-hot stove) and ever since that time he naS been compelled to stand up and eat his meals from a shelf The accident has been a source of much pain to the judge ever since it happened and was the cause of his riding over to Tisho mingo last Sunday to see the ball game seated on a pilloWi While the game was in progress, besides nearly getting into a fight with a Tishomingo bluffer, a switt curve tnrown oy une pitcher caught him just two-inches below and a little to the" right of the lower front vest button. The blow 'almdst killed and caused a discoloration and a badly bruised spot about the size, shape and color of a stove lid. The editor accompanied the judge on the trip, and on the way back to Madill the horse choked down in the die of Wash*ta river and came near being Somehow it strides us that tne story of the judge's run of hard- nr.if is it tlnit tne unioriunaie jurist his horse had. oeen yannea.

of the boerev bottom of YYasuiijU. mail lie uieo yviuii uuuer. serious mishaps; that his bodily heated stove and the hard ball was very materially- hV creased, by his horse throwing him astraddle of a barbed, wire fence or dumping him into ft of bumble bees. However, one thing is plain and that is Judge Lewis in his suffering will be able to console himself with the thought that recently things have been coming his way in bunches. If he is fortunate enough not to fall into a well and to avoid an argument with an Oklahoma policeman there id much reason to-believe his luck will change for the bettet bef ere we have another full' moon.

Nothing more refreshing ot lasting, than our Crushed YMe6 perfumery in or package. Guaranteed as advertised Pharmacy.

Lafayette Advertiser from Lafayette, Louisiana (2024)
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