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Are you tired of navigating the labyrinth of MLB statistics? Does the idea of deciphering the complexities of Major League Baseball (MLB) picks leave you yearning for a simpler approach? We understand the challenges you face, and that's where we come in.

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Free MLB Picks & Predictions Today

The MLB offers a wide range of betting opportunities for both new bettors and experienced bettors alike, but how can baseball bettors gain any sort of competitive edge against sportsbook odds? That’s where our MLB computer picks come in. Our stats-driven MLB computer picks are designed to give you an edge over your fellow bettors by providing you with data-driven baseball predictions and accurate picks. We feed a massive amount of past performance data into an AI program, which crunches the numbers and projects how the games will unwind. Keep reading to learn how these computer picks work.

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How to Use MLB Computer Picks

You can use the tables above to help with all your bets during the MLB season. The first section, titled MLB Computer Picks, includes free, computer-generated picks for each Major League Baseball game, daily. Baseball bettors can choose to follow the computer, fade the computer, or simply use our computer picks as one element of their betting strategy.

This page also allows access to even deeper betting trends. For example, if a club's runline is favored, you can check their ATS trends, potentially opening up some quality underdog bets with that specific club.

Accuracy of Computer-Generated Baseball Picks & Predictions

The accuracy of MLB computer picks is impressive for what it is. The picks are generated using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms that analyze all sorts of data and create complex models to predict the outcome of a game. The algorithms are constantly learning and improving, which means that the picks become more and more accurate as time goes on.

There are several factors that impact the accuracy of the picks, including the quality of the data used and the complexity of the models. The data used by the algorithms must be accurate and up to date, and the models used to analyze the data must be enough to capture the complexity of the game.

MLB computer picks are also impacted by some other factors like:

  • Injuries
  • Team trends
  • Weather conditions
  • Home vs Away records

any other factors that may affect a team’s performance. The AI algorithms that power these systems are capable of processing vast amounts of data and analyzing it in real-time, which means that they quickly identify patterns and trends that might not be immediately apparent to human analysts. This can be especially useful in rapidly changing environments, such as the baseball field, where conditions shift quickly and unpredictably.

MLB computer predictions can also help to eliminate the inevitable human biases and errors that sometimes creep into traditional handicapping. By relying solely on data and statistics, these systems remove any opinions or personal preferences that might influence a human's decision-making process. This can help to create more accurate and reliable predictions, which ultimately lead to more successful betting outcomes.

Expert MLB Analytics

We have the best MLB Analytics available on the market with our proven AI-model. That model has a history of going at least 60% or more on correct bets across all sports and the MLB is no different.

Key Matchups & Major League Baseball Predictions

The biggest defining characteristic of baseball is who is starting at pitcher for a certain team. That will usually determine who the favorite in any given matchup is. There are other factors too like weather, injuries, home field, and prowess behind the plate to name a few.

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Best Bets: 2024 MLB Games Today

MLB Predictions: Run Line

The runline is another name for a point spread that you may be more familiar with in NBA and NFL betting. A point spread varies in the NFL and NBA from as little as 0.5 points all the way up to double-digit spreads. A baseball runline is almost always a 1.5-point spread.

The favorite will be -1.5 while the underdog will be +1.5. At the end of the game, if you take away 1.5 points from the favorite or add 1.5 points to the underdog and they end up winning the game, you win your MLB pick against the spread.


The most popular way to bet on MLB is by the Money line. This means games are basically handicapped based on each of the team’s starting pitchers. There are “sure thing” pitchers such as Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, and Clayton Kershaw, who are going to cost you, often requiring a $200 or more wager to make $100 (-200). Finding an even pitching matchup or one of those stud pitchers that may be fatigued and going against them is the best way to make money on the MLB. Our free MLB money line picks help you identify the most profitable matchups through the entirety of baseball season.

Game Totals

Another common wager across all sports is on the total, which is a bet on the total runs scored in the baseball game. You are simply choosing whether the final score will be OVER or UNDER that total. Betting the OVER/UNDER on a matchup is a great way to get started in MLB score predictions.

Betting Picks: Prop Bets

You can place MLB player props on markets such as runs, home runs, RBIs, stolen bases and strikeouts, in addition to other available prop bets that you can wager on during the baseball season. You can also bet on various team props. Our computer picks can help sports bettors decide whether Over or Under will pay off on those prop markets by assessing the strengths of the various players and the quality of the opposition.

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Understanding MLB Computer Picks & How to Use Daily MLB Best Bets Effectively

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How do MLB Computer Picks Work from

At, we are dedicated to providing the best and most accurate MLB bets in the industry. This is why we integrate AI systems into our analysis and selection processes.

Our AI systems collect and preprocess material scraped from various online databases. This data is then validated and refined by our analysts before it is put back into the AI model to identify relevant features and statistics.

At this point, the data is easier to analyze and our analysts are able to make comparisons between the teams under observation. But we don't stop there. To further improve the accuracy of our predictions, our experts then input their analyses into an AI model, which uses mathematical and historical data to assess the risk of that selection.

These artificial intelligence models have been specially designed to recognize patterns and trends within data that might be difficult for humans to spot. By combining the analytical prowess of AI with the expertise of our analysts, we create a synergy that results in MLB betting predictions that are not only highly accurate but also ahead of the curve.

Ready to elevate your MLB betting experience with the perfect blend of AI precision and human expertise? Explore our MLB computer picks now and make informed, winning choices with

Maximizing Your Betting Strategy

We have baseball computer picks on every single matchup and my MLB computer predictions are incredibly accurate when compared to other MLB computer picks, AI or human, so how are you able to take full advantage of all this information?

1. Get an Overview of the Matchups

When it comes to handicapping the matchups each day, it's good to assess the big picture first. Checking the start times, opening runline and totals lines, or noting games where the line was taken off the board (often due to a key injury), is always a solid starting point.

2. View Computer Picks

Take a few minutes to open each MLB matchup on the computer picks screen and record the predicted score, noting the edge my projections are giving towards the runline and the total.

3. Check the Consensus

Along with MLB computer picks, Lines offers free MLB consensus data for both the side and total. These numbers will fluctuate throughout the day, and getting a feel for where the majority of public bettors are putting their money can help correlate runline and totals line moves.

Interpreting MLB Computer Predictions

MLB picks do not always win. However, they have a good record, as AI can pour over a wealth of information far more quickly and accurately than a human. They are based on past team performance data and player performance data, which can provide very helpful insights.

Factors to Consider Before Placing Bets


Start by examining statistics, such as team performance, player stats, and historical data, to identify trends and patterns.


Keep an eye on player injuries and lineup changes, as these can significantly impact a team's performance.


Pitchers play a pivotal role in baseball, so understanding their current form in matchups is essential.


Weather can affect the outcome of games, particularly in outdoor stadiums, so consider its impact on pitching, hitting, and fielding.


Consulting expert MLB analysts and utilizing reputable sources for picks and predictions, such as, can provide valuable insights. is a trusted website known for its comprehensive MLB sports betting picks. We offer expert analysis, up-to-date odds, and valuable insights into MLB games. What makes this even better is that we offer all of this completely free of charge.

So if you're looking for expert analysis and free MLB sports betting picks to enhance your wagering experience, don't hesitate to visit Our website offers a wealth of information and recommendations to assist you in making well-informed betting choices.

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Get Free MLB Computer Picks Today!

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Free MLB Computer Picks & Expert Predictions | (2024)


Who is predicted to win the World Series in 2024? ›

Despite recent key injuries, the Dodgers went 4-2 against the Chicago White Sox and San Francisco Giants last week, bringing their overall record to 52-33. As they have all season, the Dodgers remain the odd-on favorites to win the World Series at +310.

What is NRFi in baseball? ›

MLB No Runs First Inning (NRFI) Odds & Picks: Wednesday (7/3)

What does run line mean in baseball? ›

The runline is baseball's version of the point spread. When betting on the runline, the favorite is -1.5 runs on the spread, with the underdog at +1.5 runs. Betting on the favorite requires your team to win its game by two or more runs.

How to sports bet baseball? ›

Introduction to Betting on Baseball

Baseball wagering is based on a money line, which means laying or taking money odds. Unlike pointspread bets, the payoff on a winning selection varies according to the odds. Baseball odds are expressed as 3-digit money line. All money lines are based on $100.

Who won the World Series in 2024? ›

Tennessee baseball wins the 2024 Men's College World Series.

Who's most likely to win the World Series? ›

2024 World Series Opening Odds
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: +310.
  • New York Yankees: +475.
  • Philadelphia Phillies: +550.
  • Atlanta Braves: +800.
  • Baltimore Orioles: +800.
  • Cleveland Guardians: +1200.
  • Seattle Mariners: +1500.
  • Minnesota Twins: +1700.

What is RA in baseball? ›

In baseball statistics, run average (RA) refers to measures of the rate at which runs are allowed or scored. For pitchers, the run average is the number of runs—earned or unearned—allowed per nine innings.

What does SRS mean in baseball? ›

One of our company trademarks is our Simple Rating System discovered somewhere in the annals of time and dusted off and used by our Doug Drinen. SRS has two components, run differential and strength of schedule.

What does GTP mean in baseball? ›

Batting - Basic
LOBi-Left on Base (Individual). Times the Player Left Runners on Base
FC-Reached on Fielder's Choice
CI-Reached on Catcher's Interference
GDP-Grounded into Double Play
GTP-Grounded into Triple Play
2 more rows

What is RBI in baseball? ›

A run batted in or runs batted in (RBI) is a statistic in baseball and softball that credits a batter for making a play that allows a run to be scored (except in certain situations such as when an error is made on the play).

What is it called when you score a run in baseball? ›

In baseball statistics, a player who advances around all the bases to score is credited with a run (R), sometimes referred to as a "run scored". While runs scored is considered an important individual batting statistic, it is regarded as less significant than runs batted in (RBIs).

What does +3.5 mean in baseball? ›

However, there's an extra variable involved in spread betting on the underdog. For instance, if you backed a team at +3.5, that means your bet will win if they either lose the game by three points or less or win outright. If the team loses by four points or more, your bet is lost.

What is the best stat to bet on in baseball? ›

Average Runs Scored

This stat is one of the most important numbers when betting on baseball. This is the number of total runs scored divided by the number of games played.

What is the best type of bet in baseball? ›

The simplest and most popular type of bet in baseball is the moneyline bet. Here, you are betting on which team will win the game outright, regardless of the score.

What does HA mean in baseball? ›

In Baseball statistics, hits allowed (HA) signifies the total number of hits allowed by a pitcher.

What are the odds of the Phillies winning the World Series? ›

2024 Projected Stats: .

They were +1500 to win it all in the spring after never being lower than +1800 during the regular season last year. For context, FanGraphs' latest playoff odds give the Phillies a 6.5% chance of winning the World Series.

Who is most likely to win the Super Bowl in 2024? ›

Odds to Win Super Bowl 2024
TeamCurrent OddsOpening Odds
San Francisco 49ers+650+500
Baltimore Ravens+1000+850
Detroit Lions+1200+1200
Buffalo Bills+1400+1200
28 more rows

Who leads in World Series wins? ›

Over the years, several teams have become MLB champions by winning multiple World Series titles. The New York Yankees hold the record with 27 championships, while the St. Louis Cardinals have won 11 and the Boston Red Sox have won nine.

Where is the 2025 World Series? ›

The 2025 College World Series will occur at Charles Schwab Field in Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha has hosted the College World Series since 1950, and according to, it will continue the proud tradition until at least 2035. Charles Schwab Field has been a historical venue for the College World Series for years.

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