Collaborate Across Accounts Using ‘Team View’ (2024)

Modern business is highly collaborative. Brokers often need visibility into all of the accounts across their teams, as well as the ability to quote, bind, and access documents on their colleagues’ behalf.

Coalition’s Broker Platform enables collaboration across your entire team, allowing you to perform the same actions on accounts owned by your team members as you would on your own accounts.

No more forwarding emails to your colleagues, transferring accounts, or requesting loss runs for accounts you don’t own. Team View gives you a straightforward way to manage clients across your entire team and mirror your team’s preferred way of working.

Quote, bind, and renew in a coordinated fashion

If a broker can only see their own accounts, they may end up working outside of our Broker Platform to share information and collaborate with colleagues. This can result in fragmented email threads, frequent requests to transfer account ownership, and daily requests for documents.

Brokers frequently submit requests to our team for information or access to accounts that they didn’t quote themselves. Coalition strives to create a unified experience on the Broker Platform that promotes collaboration, makes brokers’ jobs easier, and accommodates the various ways that teams work together.

Team View ensures seamless coverage for your clients

When you enable Team View, everyone on your team can easily collaborate on accounts and renewals you’ve quoted with Coalition directly in our Broker Platform with options to:

With Team View, you can take action on all of the accounts managed by your team, thereby ensuring seamless coverage for your clients. You can even invite your team members’ clients to sign up for Coalition Control™. (Learn more about managing accounts on the Broker Platform.)

Collaborate Across Accounts Using ‘Team View’ (1)

Inside the Broker Platform, you can filter your Accounts dashboard to also include other team members’ accounts, in addition to your own. This feature can be leveraged to support specialities of focus within the division of your team’s work, such as quoting and driving new business, overseeing renewals of existing business, or managing client relationships.

Agency View delivers visibility at the highest level

Similar to Team View, Agency View provides visibility across all of the accounts managed within your agency.

We’ve found that larger organizations prefer to use Team View to divide themselves into many small teams and focus solely on the accounts that impact them directly, while producers and smaller organizations prefer to see all of their agency’s accounts.

As a broker, you can choose which collaborative view best serves the needs of your team — and yes, your individual Broker Platform account can be added to multiple teams.

More collaboration with underwriters, too

The spirit of collaboration isn't limited to your own teams, either. Brokers can see the assigned underwriter for each account directly in the Broker Platform.

Collaborate Across Accounts Using ‘Team View’ (2)

With all of your account details and contacts centralized in one location, you can quickly reach out on any items which may need review.

How to start collaborating with your colleagues

Setting up your team’s preferred way of working can help ensure seamless coverage amid the ebbs and flows of collaborative work.

We often proactively enable Team View or Agency View for brokers as they onboard to the Broker Platform. When viewing your list of accounts, you may already see some of your colleagues' accounts. If not, getting access to them is a straightforward process.

To enable Team View or Agency View, please reach out to your dedicated Coalition point of contact, submit a request via the chat in the Broker Platform, or email us at

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Collaborate Across Accounts Using ‘Team View’ (2024)
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