80+ FREE Cinematic Atmospheres: Musical Textures and Sound Files (2024)

This is “Cinematic Atmospheres.” A collection of over 80 extremely versatile music textures and sounds for your films and editing.

Finding music is easy (especially when you have a PremiumBeat account, wink wink). What can be a lot more difficult is finding the right tones and sounds to fill the spaces in between. Sometimes you just need a little bit of an emotional tone or texture to give your quieter moments more depth.

Sometimes, you want to score your film with just emotional tones and sounds that give your scenes more weight without being overly distracting. Well, if you’ve ever run into this problem, then this collection is for you.

This is an extremely dense collection that, frankly, we shouldn’t be giving away for free. “Cinematic Atmospheres” includes over 80 sound files that you can layer and use and extend in ways that will allow you to completely score your project with lush emotional sounds and tones that will bring your audience to the edges of their seats.

These five suites offer 80+ free cinematic sounds.

Download ALL 5 Genres and Styles

This collection is so large we had to split it into 5 different downloads. Each download contains a different style and sound for a different feel or genre. Each download includes a fully mixed file and thesamples we used to create it. On top of that, you’ll find loops, so you can extend and control the tones and sounds the way that you like them for as long as you want. Everything is fully controllable and customizable.

With this sound collection, you can make your own scores.

These sound files are free to use in any personal or commercial projects.By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets.

Suite 1 — Beach Sunrise


This suite is the perfect complement to a beautiful moment. A hopeful sound. The sun rising, nature, slow-motion footage, stunning drone shots — this sound is perfect for those moments that you can’t quite put into words.

Included: 1 Fully Mixed Track, 8 Loops, 8 Samples

DOWNLOAD Beach Sunrise

The Endless suite is for ambiguous or mysterious situations.

Suite 2 — Endless


This suite is for moments with emotionally ambiguous tones. These are scenes and shots that you want to put some weight behind, without feeling particularly sad or happy — just important. This suite is for the important moments when you want to make sure your audience is paying attention.

Included: 1 Fully Mixed Track, 8 Loops, 8 Samples


Future Rain offers the sounds of dystopia.

Suite 3 — Future Rain


This suite is the sound that you want for your Blade Runner-style dystopias. It has dense textures and a melancholy and hopeless feel. Like an empty and abandoned city. There are many layers and tones to choose from and build the perfect sound.

Included: 1 Fully Mixed Track, 8 Loops, 8 Samples

DOWNLOAD Future Rain

The Serial suite is for those moments when you want the audience to know something’s about to happen.

Suite 4 — Serial


This is the type of tone you want when you want your audience to feel uncomfortable, or like something is lurking in the distance. Something is about to happen. Uncertainty. This suite has everything you need to create a Fincher-esque moment of dread and make your audience wish, if only for a moment, that they weren’t about the see what’s going to happen.

Included: 1 Fully Mixed Track, 8 Loops, 8 Samples


The Stitches sound suite is pure horror.

Suite 5 — Stitches


This suite of sounds is pure horror. You use these sounds when you have a jump scare right around the corner. You can use these sounds when you have a murderer lurking in the shadows or a passive ghost floating in the distance. This portion of the collection in particular yields interesting results with you mix it with the other portions. You can get some really creepy and asynchronous tones.

Included: 1 Fully Mixed Track, 9 Loops, 9 Samples


How to Use This Collection

So, once you’ve downloaded all these files, how do you use them?

Well, the way to break it down is that there are Full Tracks, Loops, and Samples.

Full Tracks

This is pretty self explanatory, but these tracks are fully mixed, curated, and ready to go. You can just cut them to the length that you need and work them into your edit, and you’re ready to go.


The loops allow you to mix and create your own versions of the full track — but at the length and with the customization you want. For instance, if you want one part of the track to play for an extended period of time, and then eventually have everything swell up in a particular moment, the loops are the best tools for the job. Here, you can create your own score.


The samples are one-hit sounds that you can just throw in at your own discretion. These sounds all stand on their own perfectly well, and you can really use them however you like. They are the sounds from the loops, just non-looping. With these, you can just quickly add a little touch of sound here and there.

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80+ FREE Cinematic Atmospheres: Musical Textures and Sound Files (2024)
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