North County Cruisers

Sunrise Highway Route Instructions

0.0 Begin ride by heading East on Rt. 78 from I-15.

1.1 Straight on Lincoln Pkwy at Signal.

2.0 Right on Ash St.

2.4 Straight on Rt. 78

7.7 Wild Animal Park on your left

19.1 Left on Rt. 78 at Signal in Ramona.

34.3 Straight on Rt. 78 in Santa Ysabel.

41.0 Right at Stop to stay on Rt. 78 in Julian.

41.3 Right on Rt. 79

43.9 Vista on your left. (Worth stopping to take a look)

47.1 Left on Sunrise Highway

61.1 Restrooms at Los Huecos Rd. on your right.

70.8 Right on Old Hwy 80.

(There are restrooms at Pine Valley County Park)

74.5 Guatay.

77.2 Right on Rt. 79.

89.2 Left on Engineers Road. (Just after Lake Cuyamaca)

95.0 Right on Boulder Creek at Stop.

98.0 Left on Pine Hills at Tee.

98.3 Straight on Eagle Peak.

99.6 Left on Pine Hills at Tee.

101.2 Left on Rt. 78 at Tee.

106.8 Gas on your left in Santa Ysabel.

112.8 Left on Old Julian Highway.

121.1 Left on Main at Stop.

121.8 Right on Rt. 78 in Ramona.

129.9 Left on Bandy Canyon

134.4 Right on Highland Valley at Tee.

138.4 Right on Pommerado at Signal.

138.6 End ride at I-15.