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Pictures from May 1st, 2006 Idyllwild Ride

A near record turnout of 24 bikes including John Frumento, Frank Miglin, Jerry Howard, Steve & Judi McHale, Rebecca, Maria, Heather Shannon, Del Zais, Ron McLemore, Jim Cash, Burt Sherriff, Carol Dugger, Jim Stewart, Tim & Karen Gabriel, Walter & Sandy Wilson, Rick, Larry & Susan Roe, Gary & Lisa Nichols, Gary Schock, Lew Thompson, and Doris & Steve Malott. We rode to Idyllwild for lunch.

Idyllwild Viewpoint Idyllwild Viewpoint

Pictures from March 26th, 2006 Lyons Valley Ride

Our group of 16 bikes included Jim Cash, Steve & Judi McHale, Burt Sherriff, Hunter Fitzgerald, Veronica DeFalco, Dave Larson, Walter & Sandy Wilson, Rebecca, Karen, Glen Gerdes, Tolga Yetis, Jack & Melanie R, Dan & Marie Lehtonen, John Frumento, and Doris & Steve Malott. We rode to Lyons Valley and fed Blackjack the Mule, Son of Elmer.

Feeding Blackjack Blackjack

Pictures from November 19th, 2005 Toys for Tots Ride

Our group of 15 bikes included Mike Buys, Ron & Joannie McLemore, Ron & Marjie Brewer, Rebecca, Jay Borstein, Steve & Judi McHale, Lilia Benjamin, Michelle Adams, Heather Shannon, Karen, Jim Roberts, Jim Cash, Bob Gadbois, and Doris & Steve Malott.

Our Group with Santa Toys for Tots Parking Lot Toys for Tots on the Road

Pictures from March 26th, 2005 Patton Museum Ride

Easter Weekend. Our group of 12 bikes included John Frumento, John Peterson, Glenn Gerdes, Jack & Melanie R, Mike Buys, Ron McLemore, Tim & Karen Gabriel, George Helton, Dennis, Burt Sherriff, Walter Wilson, and Steve Malott. We rode to the Patton Museum on I-10.

Patton Museum Parking Lot Inside the Patton Museum Patton Museum Tank

Pictures from January 30th, 2005 Palm Desert Ride

Ride Leader Mike Buys. Our group of 24 bikes, 31 people included Mike Buys, Randy Vorhis, Gary & Ginger Nehls, Burt Sherriff, Andrew, Walter & Sandy Wilson, Del Zais, Carol Dugger, Lonnie & Carol, Tim & Karen Gabriel, Heather Shannon, Russ Proudman, Bob, George Helton, David, Debra Doerfler, Bill & Trish, Dan & Chris, Jack & Melanie R, Art Roberts, Lilia Benjamin, Anita, Robert, and Steve Malott.

Riding Rt. 79 to Palm Desert Palm Desert Group Picture

Pictures from January 23rd, 2005 Clinton Keith Mystery Ride

Our group of 23 bikes, 26 people included Mike Buys, Ron McLemore, Burt Sherriff, Don, Jacki Mealer, Andrew, Mike Salinas, Walter & Sandy Wilson, Del Zais, Dell DeFabry, Carol, Lonnie, Tim & Karen Gabriel, Heather Shannon, Ryan, Mark Stook & Pam Gardner, Russ Proudman, Bob, George & Simone Helton, David, Debra Doerfler, Bill Bashor, John, and Steve Malott. Mike and Ron led the ride into the Clinton Keith area.

Eagles Nest Road Stream Crossing Rons New Trike

Pictures from January 16th, 2005 Hemet Reservoir Ride

Our group of 21 bikes, 29 people included Burt Sherriff, Mike Scheu, Don & Deanna, Steve & Judi McHale, Jacki Mealer, Andrew, Mike Salinas, Ron McLemore, Dan & Chris, Walter & Sandy Wilson, Del Zais, Dell DeFabry, Mike Buys, Carol Dugger, Lonnie & Carol, Art Roberts, Jack & Melanie R, Doris Malott, Al, Robert, Tim & Karen Gabriel, Heather Shannon, and Steve Malott.

Hemet Reservoir Visitor Center Our Group at the Reservoir

Pictures from November 14th, 2004 DeLuz Canyon Ride / Wine Cheese Party

Our group of 12 bikes included Jack R, Lilia Benjamin, George Helton, Dennis & Karen Peji, Russ Proudman, Steve McHale, Glenn Gerdes, Bill Bashor, Andrew, Eddie Ramos, and Steve Malott. We had 30 members at Walter & Sandy's Wine and Cheese Party.

Eagles Nest Group Eagle Nest View Walter and Sandy's Party

Pictures from October 31st, 2004 Borrego Springs Ride

Our group of 20 bikes included Mike Buys & Carol Dugger, Heather Shannon, Joe & Nancy, Art Roberts, Tom, Gary Calland, Lonnie,Jack & Melanie, Walter & Sandy Wilson, Linda Leffel, George Helton, Dennis Peji, Ron McLemore, Russ Proudman, Steve & Judi McHale, Glenn Gerdes, Burt Sherriff, and Doris & Steve Malott. Thanks to Mike Buys for leading the ride. It was Burt's birthday and he bought everyone lunch at the Borrego Springs Airport!

Borrego Springs Viewpoint Lunch at the Borrego Springs Airport

Pictures from October 10th, 2004 American Heat Ride

Our group of 13 bikes included Walter & Sandy Wilson, Kelly Wier, Russ Proudman, Bill Bashor, Burt Sherriff, Dell DeFabry, John & Janet Peterson, Eddie Ramos, Carol Dugger, Mike Buys, Debra Doerfler, Paula Buckholtz, and Steve Malott. A ride to Palm Desert and the American Heat event in Palm Springs. We ran into George Helton, Jack & Melanie R at the event. Thanks to Paula for leading the ride.

North County Cruiser Ladies Boss Hog Motorcycle Our Group at Palm Desert Viewpoint

Pictures from September 12th, 2004 Bates Nut Farm Ride

Our group of 14 bikes included Walter & Sandy Wilson, Kelly Wier, Russ Proudman, Steve & Judi McHale, Andrew, Bill Bashor, Burt Sherriff, Michael Brogan, Vito & Linda, Eddie & Angela Ramos, Carol Dugger, Glenn Gerdes, and Doris & Steve Malott. A shorter ride on local roads with a stop at Bates Nut Farm.

Farmer Carol Our Group at Bates Nut Farm

Pictures from September 5th, 2004 S2 - Oak Glen Ride

Walter and Sandy led a ride to Oak Glen for the Apple Festival. Our group of 17 bikes included Walter & Sandy Wilson, Dan & Chris, Ryan Kearn, Mark Stook & Pam Gardner, Russ Proudman, Steve & Judi McHale, Tim & Karen Gabriel, George & Simone Helton, Andrew, Bill Bashor, Heather Shannon, Del Zais, Mike Buys, Jacki Mealer, Burt Sherriff, Michael Brogan, and Steve Malott.

Taking a Break at Temecula Shell Lunch in Oak Glen

Pictures from May 23, 2004 El Trials de Espana Ride

Our group included Debra Doerfler, Stu Weist, Burt Sherriff, Heather & Tom Shannon, Dennis & Karen Peji, Jack R, Dale & Pauline Tangler, and Doris & Steve Malott. We went to see the observed motorcycle trials event in Reed Valley.

Observed Motorcycle Trials Observed Motorcycle Trials Observed Motorcycle Trials

Pictures from August 17, 2003 Point Loma Ride

Our best turnout yet with 16 bikes including Burt Sherriff, Michael Brogan, Rick & Debbie Oconnell, Dale & Pauline Tangler, Ken & Linh Vandermar, Jacki Mealer, Jeff David, Jay Borstein & Lori Stedman, Ron McLemore, Stu Weist, Kyle, Hunter Fitzgerald, Dan Smith, and Doris & Steve Malott. We rode to the Glider Port, Sunset Cliffs, and Point Loma. Hunter had a flat tire at the Glider Port.

Our Group at Grandma BB's Flat Tire at the Glider Port Taking a break at Sunset Cliffs

Pictures from August 1, 2003 Cruising Grand Ride

We had 9 bikes plus a car to ride to the Friday night Escondido Cruising Grand to check out the pre-1974 cars. Our group included Jay Borstein, Lori Stedman, Doris & Steve Malott, Stu Weist & Michelle, Stu's mother, Ron McLemore, Lyn Shaw, Michael Brogan, Burt Sherriff, and two new couples - Mike, Linda, Mike, and his wife.

Ready to walk Grand Avenue Checking Out One of the Cars Looking at the cars Street Legal Bumper Cars

Pictures from May 18th, 2003 Sunrise Highway/Engineers Road Ride

Our best turnout yet with 13 bikes including Jeff David, Dan Smith, Michael Brogan, Murphy, Robert, Joe Williamson, Rick & Debbie OConnell, John Frumento, Bill Buckley, Jay Borstein, Burt Sherriff, Doris & Steve Malott. A gorgeous day for riding.

Sunrise Highway View Smiling John

Pictures from March 23rd, 2003 Ocotillo Wells Dune Buggy Ride

Our group included Jay Borstein, Michael Brogan, Jeff David & Mary, Dan Smith, Larry, Gary Calland, and Doris & Steve Malott. We rode to Ocotillo Wells where we met Bill Buckley and Earl and were given rides in their Dune Buggy. A really fun day!

Gary Calland's Ride Jeff David's Ride

Pictures from Feb. 23rd, 2003 Motorcycles in the Park Ride

We had 11 bikes, 16 riders including Ron & Marjie Brewer, Jim & Marsha Johnson, Jeff Bender & Rozanne, Shawn Smoke, John Frumento, Jay Borstein, Lori Stedman, Michael Brogan, Hunter Fitzgerald, Angela, Bill, and Steve & Doris Malott rode to see the Motorcycles in the Park Exhibition in Balboa Park. The group stopped for breakfast at The Incredible Egg.

Incredible Egg Motorcycle Show Exhibits Motorcycle Show Exhibits

Pictures from May 5th, 2002 Elfin Forest - Glider Port Ride

Walt & Meg Sarratt, Jim & Marsha Johnson, John Frumento & Patty, Frank, Bill, Jeff Bender & Rozanne, and Steve & Doris Malott met for breakfast at Grandma BB's and then rode Elfin Forest, Del Dios, and stopped at the Torrey Pines Glider Port

Waiting to turn Glider Port Parasails Inverted Hang Glider

Pictures from Nov. 18th, 2001 Palomar Mountain Breakfast Desert Ride

The best turnout in the short history of our club as we had 12 bikes with 16 riders. We rode to Mother's Kitchen on Mt. Palomar for Breakfast. We then explored the Palomar Mtn. Park Area.

Breakfast at Mother's Kitchen Palomar State Park Entrance

Pictures from August 19th, 2001 Point Loma Ride

Walt & Meg Sarratt, Jeff Bender, Rozanne, Shawn Smoke, Sharon Amour, Ron & Marjie Brewer, Jeff Fitzgerald., and Doris & Steve Malott had breakfast at Mary's Restaurant and then rode to Point Loma.

Breakfast at Mary's Restaurant Sunset Cliffs View