North County Cruisers

May 18th, 2008 Club Picnic

August 13th, 2006 Fifth Club Picnic

October 3rd, 2004 Fourth Annual Club Picnic

October 5th, 2003 Third Club Picnic

Our Sixth club picnic was held at Lake Sutherland. In spite of forecast hot weather, we had a record turnout of 22 people. It was very pleasant. Our group included Ralph Guyot, Andy Anderson, Scott and Diane Rogers, Ray Barber, Rick Widmark and his mother Pat, Randy and Shirley Richardson, Jack and Nancy Jennings, Lew and Terry Neeb, Alan Miller, Ken Guy, Paul G., Brian and Kathy Pope, Mark Fordham and Karyn Baldwin, Steve Johnson, Mary Barrington, Matt London, and Doris, Norma, and Steve Malott.

Our Group

We got off to a slow start when we discovered that our area had just been heavily watered. Fortunately, half of the area was dry and we set up our grill and chairs. While the temperatures were in the 90's, we had a terrific breeze and everyone would say "Ahhh" whenever there was a gust of wind.

We brought our poodle, named "Pocket Rocket" or "Rocket" for short. She was pretty shy initially but became more friendly the longer she was there. At one point, she jumped up on Scott's chest and licked his nose.

Rocket and Scott

Everyone brought their own food but there was a lot of sharing. We had enough left over food for another picnic.

This year we decided to hold the picnic in May rather than October. Our previous Lake Sutherland picnic was held in October and we had a lot of trouble with yellow jacket bees going for our food. May turned out to be a much better choice.


We could have stayed there for a couple more hours but the sun had moved and our shady area was shrinking. This moved us closer together. We then had a huge bird decide to roost in the trees and drop "gifts" on us. Nancy Jennings took several hits and everyone moved out into the sunlight. We then decided this was a good time to hit the road and dash for home.

Bird in Tree

It was a great opportunity to visit with our friends.