North County Cruisers

August 13th, 2006 Club Picnic

October 3rd, 2004 Fourth Annual Club Picnic

Our fifth club picnic was held at Marina Del Mar in Oceanside, home of club member Chuck Johnson. Our group included Chuck Johnson, Jack and Melanie Rodgers, Tom Russell, Linda Leffel and grandsons Indiana and Chancellor, Walter and Sandy Wilson, Carol Dugger, John Piner, Bob and Julie Mikkonen, Michael Brogan, Hunter Fitzgerald, Veronica DeFalco and her sons Timmy and Jeremy, Chuck's mother and friend Gene, Mary Barrington and friend Scott, and Steve and Doris Malott.

Our Group

Marina Del Mar is located between the Oceanside Harbor Marina and the Oceanside Beach. A terrifc location. They have a pool, sauna, game room, picnic tables, and gas grills.


Some cooked hamburgers while others brought sandwiches. The temperature was 76 degrees with a nice breeze. Clear skies and a great view in each direction.


Linda with her grandkids in the pool while Hunter and Veronica take her sons to the beach just as Mary and Scott are arriving.


It was a great opportunity to visit with our friends.