North County Cruisers

October 3rd, 2004 Club Picnic

October 5th, 2003 Third Club Picnic

Our fourth annual club picnic at the Lake Sutherland Dam. Our group included Kelly Wier, George Helton, Steve and Judi McHale, Jack and Melanie Rogers, Walter and Sandy and Tigger Wilson, Russ Proudman and friend Maureen, Paula Buckholtz, Tim Gabriel and Karen MacNeil, and Steve, Doris, and Norma Malott. In the past, we have met at the K Mart parking lot in Escondido and then caravaned to Lake Sutherland. This year, we decided to meet at the Lake to give everyone more freedom to arrive when convenient.


Everyone was greeted by an awesome view of the Lake area followed by a twisting descent to the lake itself. The weather was gorgeous and we had a nice wind. As usual, we set up near the concessions building. This year we had more trouble than usual with yellow jackets. We may choose May or June for future club picnics. We did keep the bees away by stacking the food (in sealed containers) at the far end of the table and sitting elsewhere. I was also practicing with Walter's badminton racket although I almost whacked George.


As usual, we brought enough food to feed a small third world country and it was a game to see who could eventually say goodby without taking a container of food home with them. As usual, my mother made her famous cherry cheesecake dessert. George brought a bottle of wine that everyone shared and we had several pies. Paula brought a huge container of homemade Taco Salad.

Our Group

Front Row: Kelly, Tigger, George, Steve, Norma, Melanie, Sandy, Jack Back Row: Walter, Russ, Maureen, Judi, Doris, Paula, Steve Not pictured: Tim and Karen


Here is a picture of Paula with her 2001 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic/1450cc/Twin Cam 88 Cubic Inch/Colour: Jade Sunglow with Silver Pinstripe.

Norma Malott

We charmed my mother, Norma, into getting on Paula's Harley. A Harley Grandmama?


It was a great opportunity to visit with our friends.