North County Cruisers

Ortega Highway Route Instructions

0.0 Begin ride by heading North on I-5 from Rt. 78.

16.1 INS Checkpoint

30.5 Exit at Rt. 74 Ortega Highway.

30.7 Right on Ortega Highway (Last chance for gas for 31 miles)

43.1 San Juan Fire Station. (Scenic turnout on right)

49.9 Ortega Country Cottage General Store (on right).

53.1 Patty's Place Country Store (on right).

54.5 Great viewpoint on left.

54.8 The Lookout Restaurant on left. (Gravel parking lot)

58.7 Right on Grand at Tee.

61.0 Union 76 gas on right.

67.4 Left on Clinton Keith at Tee.

67.8 Right on Palomar at Signal.

71.3 Left on Ivy at Stop.

71.9 Right on Jefferson at Stop.

76.9 Right on Rancho California at Signal.

79.3 Left on Avenida Del Oro

79.5 Left on Sandia Creek

88.5 Right towards Fallbrook at sideroad.

89.9 Bear Left towards Fallbrook at stop.

91.0 Right at Signal on Mission.

91.1 Left at Tee on Mission.

93.6 Right on Olive Hill at Signal.

96.5 Left on Sleeping Indian.

101.7 Right on River Rd.

103.6 Left on Vandegrift at Signal.

105.5 Left on Douglas.

106.9 End ride at Rt. 76. (Turn right to return to I-5)