North County Cruisers

Ocotillo and Vallecito Route Instructions

0.00 Begin ride by heading East on Rt. 76 from I-15. (Stay on Rt. 76 until it ends)

5.6 Pala Casino on your right.

12.5 Cole Grade Road is on your right.

15.7 Bear left to stay on 76 at Valley Center Road.

20.6 S6 is on your left. (S6 goes up to Palomar Mountain)

24.1 La Jolla Trading Post is on your right. (Gas and snacks available)

31.0 Lake Henshaw on your left.

34.8 Right on Rt. 79 at Tee.

41.9 Left on Rt. 78 at Tee. (in Santa Ysabel)

48.7 Right at Stop (in Julian) to stay on Rt. 78.

48.8 Gas Station. (Last gas for next 80 miles)

60.3 Right on S2.

64.4 Stagecoach Trails R.V. Park. (Snacks & Beverages)

72.5 Butterfield Ranch R.V. Park. (Snacks & Beverages, no Restroom)

78.1 Right into Vallecito Park. (Caution. Rough Road. Park carefully)

78.2 Right (on S2) when you exit the park.

81.7 Agua Caliente General Store is down the road to your right.

108.2 Shell gas station in Ocotillo. There is also a Union 76 station just past I-8. Gordo's is the only "restaurant" that may be open. The gas stations have mini-marts.

108.3 Turn around at I-8 and head back North.

138.2 Vallecito

147.4 Box Canyon monument.

156.1 Right on Rt. 78 at Tee.

156.4 Left on S2.

166.9 RD's Log Cabin. (Snacks & Beverages)

173.3 Right on Rt. 79 at Tee. (Stay on Rt. 79 until Temecula)

176.9 Warner Springs. (Gas is available here)

179.0 Warner Springs Ranch Airport on your left. (Glider planes)

181.4 Puerta La Cruz Conservation Camp on your right.

185.9 Sunshine Center General Store. (Gas, Snacks)

191.2 Oak Grove Historical Markers.

195.5 Aguanga.

198.9 Stage Coach Inn. (Gas, food, gravel lot)

210.4 Temecula City Limits.

213.8 Left on Pala at Signal.

215.9 Pechanga Casino on your right.

222.7 Pala Reservation (speed limit 25).

222.9 Right at Tee.

223.5 Right on 78 at Tee.

229.2 End ride at I-15.