North County Cruisers

Lilac / Couser Canyon Route Instructions

0.0 West on Rt. 76 from Old Hwy 395 (next to Mobil Gas Station at Rt. 76 and I-15)

0.7 Right on Sage Rd. (Watch for loose gravel at turn)

0.8 Caution. Steep uphill left turn.

1.7 Straight as your road becomes Sumac Rd.

2.0 Bear left on Sumac.

2.7 Straight at Stop. Road changes name to Wilt.

5.2 Left at Tee on Reche.

7.0 Bear right on Live Oak.

9.6 Right at Tee on Mission.

10.3 Left toward I-15. (Continue past I-15)

10.6 Left at Tee on Old Hwy 395.

12.1 Right on Rainbow Valley.

13.0 Right on Eighth.

13.2 Bend right on Rice Canyon.

18.3 Left at Tee. (Caution. Rt. 76)

18.4 Right on Couser Canyon. (Comes us fast)

23.3 Right at Tee on Lilac.

25.4 Right on West Lilac Rd.

27.2 Right at Tee on Lilac Rd.

31.0 Bridge high above I-15. (This is a great place to stop for the view)

31.2 Straight at Stop on Lilac.

35.7 Left at Tee on Camino Del Ray.

40.0 Right at Tee on Old Hwy 395.

41.0 Right on Gopher Canyon.

44.6 Right on Little Gopher Canyon.

46.1 Right at Tee on Old River Rd.

48.1 Left at Y on Camino Del Rey.

48.3 End ride at Rt. 76 at Signal.