North County Cruisers

Idyllwild Route Instructions

0.0 Begin ride by heading North on Old Highway 395 from Rt. 76 next to the Mobil Gas Station near Rt. 76 and I-15.

4.2 Right at Stop to follow Old Highway 395 to the opposite side of I-15.

4.5 Left at Tee on Old Highway 395 to continue Northbound.

(Old Highway 395 eventually becomes Rainbow Valley Road)

11.3 Left on Pala Rd. at Signal.

11.5 Right on 79 at Signal.

(Stay on Rt. 79 until you reach Aguanga)

28.3 Left on Rt. 371.

35.9 Enter Cahuilla Indian Reservation.

39.1 Cahuilla Casino on your right.

42.9 Gas is available in Anza.

49.0 Left on 74 at Tee.

57.6 Lake Hemet is on your left.

61.1 Right on Rt. 243.

65.0 Enter Idyllwild.

65.8 Right on N. Circle Dr.

(The center of town is a circle consisting of N. Circle Dr., Village Center Rd, Ridgeview, and Park. Park somewhere along this circle)

66.0 Left on Rt. 243 to head back towards Rt. 74.

70.3 Right at Y and then straight to head West on Rt. 74.

(Watch for great viewpoint on your right)

85.0 Enter Hemet.

86.3 Left on Stanford at Signal.

87.7 Right on Stetson at Signal.

89.9 Left on State at Signal.

95.1 Right on Sage Rd.

111.6 Right on Rt. 79 at Tee.

123.2 Texaco Gas on your left.

124.9 Left on Pala Rd. at Signal.

125.1 Right on Rainbow Valley.

131.9 Right to cross to other side of I-15.

132.2 Left at Stop on Old Highway 395.

136.4 End ride at Rt. 76.