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DeLuz Canyon Trip Description

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DeLuz Map

Notes on DeLuz Canyon

The DeLuz Canyon area is well suited for our shorter, more local trips or as a quick route to rides farther to the NorthEast. The area has milder temperatures and lots of over hanging trees. This makes it ideal as a late afternoon ride during our warmer months or when the mountain areas get too cold.

Our ride sometimes starts at the Arco gas station located at Olive Hill Road and Rt. 76 near Bonsall. We measured the ride at about 68 miles and can take about 3 hours to complete. There will be no gas, food, water, or restrooms available along the way. We recommend taking care of these needs, if necessary, in Fallbrook. However, you can take Rancho California into Temecula Old Town for a break and gas at the halfway point.

Note that you can link our Couser Canyon and DeLuz rides together to form a 110 mile long ride. The Couser Canyon ride ends where the DeLuz ride begins.

There can be as many as a dozen stream along DeLuz road. Most of these spots are dips and may have grooves across the road. These spots will usually be dry except during and after rain. During a storm, there is a potential for a flash flood. Care should be taken when crossing any of these streams.

In general, the DeLuz canyon roads are in good condition. Since there are many orchards in the area, watch for fruit and branches on the road. There often are bee hives placed just near several of the side roads so a windshield or protective clothing is recommended to avoid a possible sting.

One of our favorite parts of the ride is a section of road that we call the "Roller Coaster". This is a section of Camino Estribo which features two very low dips. Taken at 20 mph, it is fairly routine. Taken at 40 mph and it becomes a lot more interesting. We recommend riding it at a slower speed initially. Use care!

The DeLuz Canyon Ride

The ride begins by heading North on Olive Hill towards Fallbrook. When you reach the Tee at Burma Road, turn right to continue following Olive Hill. You will reach a traffic light where you should turn left on Mission. You are about to pass thru one of the main sections of Fallbrook.

After passing thru town, you will turn right on Mission (at a stop sign) and immediately turn left on Pico. Pico becomes DeLuz road which takes you into the DeLuz canyon area. From here, you can run the loop in either direction. For this description, we will take the counter-clockwise direction.

As Deluz road leaves Northward from Fallbrook, it immediately becomes challenging with tight turns. Watch for Sandia Creek road to branch off to your right. Bear right to follow Sandia Creek road which also happens to parallel the actual Sandia Creek. This is a two lane road that is privately maintained but open for use by anyone. The terrain can be described as rolling hills or small mountains.

There are numerous route choices available. If we don't have a lot of time, we will follow Sandia Creek directly to it's end at Avenida del Oro. I'm describing a longer, more interesting route here.

Turn left on El Prado and follow it across Sandia Creek until it ends at Carancho. At the Tee, turn right and follow the road again across Sandia Creek. Turn left on Calle Jardin which is an uphill turn. At the Tee, turn left. You will quickly reach another Tee (at Via Vaquero) where you should turn right.

Via Vaquero provides a winding route thru the Deluz Orchards. Watch out for what looks like dribbled cement along the middle of your lane. Follow Via Vaquero until it ends at Via Santa Rosa. Turn right on Via Santa Rosa and you will enter a fun area with a lot of ups and downs. Watch for a hidden sideroad on your left (Via Horca) and turn on it. Follow it around for a great view of Temecula and I-15. At the top of a hill is a stop sign with a forced turn to the left.

Turn left on Gorron road and continue to the Tee at Camino Estribo. Here you will turn right and will enter what we call the Roller Coaster. There will be a very steep drop followed by a steep rise and another drop and rise. Just like a roller coaster. We suggest you take it slow the first time. Enjoy!

At the Tee, you should turn right on Via Tornado. At the following stop, you should turn left on Via Santa Rosa unless you want to go around the roller coaster again (by going right). Stay on Via Santa Rosa until it ends at Rancho California. Be careful as you turn left On Rancho California. This is a busy road with speed limit 50.

The route now continues straight Rancho California until you reach a crossroad where it turns into a dirt road straight ahead. The road to your right will also be dirt. Turn left on DeLuz which is paved. As you follow DeLuz, be sure to watch out for stream crossings, especially after a recent rain. DeLuz is flatter than Sandia Creek and will weave its way among a series of ranches.

When you reach Carrancho Road (at a crossroad), turn right. Follow Carancho to El Calamar where you will turn right. There is a steep climb up El Calamar and a sharp drop at the end but it is worthwhile for the view. At the Stop, turn left on Carancho and then right on Cameron. Cameron will give you a great high view of the DeLuz Canyon area. When you reach DeLuz, turn right to continue following it.

You should follow DeLuz until Carancho Road merges with it from the right. This is a fun section of DeLuz with tight, winding turns with up and down changes as well. Prior to Carancho, it is also a particularly shadowy section of the road that can play tricks on your eyes. If you run the course in the opposite direction, be sure to watch where Deluz branches to the right or you will discover the dirt portion of Carancho.

As you continue South and then East on DeLuz, you will pass several buildings that are essentially the town of DeLuz. Don't blink or you will miss them. The road quality is improved and you have constant sweeping turns that should please all types of riders. To your right is the edge of Camp Pendleton. Sandia Creek will merge from the left and you will find yourself reentering Fallbrook.

The ride continues thru Fallbrook and turns right on Olive Hill. Olive Hill winds thru a number of orchards past homes surrounded by bouganvillia. You should continue straight on Burma when Olive Hill turns to your left. You should then turn left on Sleeping Indian and enjoy the ride. We typically split up at River road with some turning right to return home to Oceanside while the rest of us turn left to head East. We hope you enjoyed the ride.