North County Cruisers

DeLuz Canyon Route Instructions

0.0 Begin ride by heading North on Olive Hill Road from Rt. 76.

(Warning. Sharp turns!)

3.2 Right at Tee (at Burma)

5.4 Left at Signal on Mission.

(Stay on Mission as you pass thru Fallbrook)

8.0 Right at Stop on Mission (S13).

8.1 Left on Pico. (Comes up fast)

9.3 Bear Right on Sandia Creek.

10.6 Left at Tee to stay on Sandia Creek.

15.2 Left on El Prado.

17.6 Right at Tee on Carancho.

19.0 Straight at Stop at Sandia Creek.

21.3 Left on Calle Jardin.

23.0 Left at Tee.

23.1 Right at Tee on Via Vaquero. (Watch for rough pavement)

27.4 Right at Tee on Via Santa Rosa.

28.2 Left on Via Horca (Hard to see)

29.6 Right at Stop. (At top of hill)

29.9 Right on Gorrion.

30.2 Right at Tee at Camino Estribo. (Caution. Very sharp drops - Enjoy!)

31.5 Right at Tee on Via Tornado.

31.9 Left at Stop on Via Santa Rosa.

33.3 Left at Tee on Rancho California.

35.3 Left at Stop on DeLuz.

37.5 Right on Carancho.

38.8 Right on El Calamar.

40.8 Left at Tee on Carancho.

41.4 Right on Camaron.

42.8 Right on DeLuz at Stop.

47.7 Left at T on DeLuz.

57.0 Right at Signal on Mission.

57.1 Left at Tee on Mission. (Comes up fast)

(Stay on Mission thru Fallbrook)

59.7 Right on Olive Hill at Signal.

62.6 Left on Sleeping Indian.

67.8 End Ride at Stop (River Road).