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Bates Nut Farm Trip Description

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Bates Nut Farm

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Bates Map

This ride includes a number of roads not included on our other rides. It is also a nice choice for when the weather is hot and we want to do are shorter, local ride. We measured the ride at just under 50 miles long.

The ride will take about 2 hours. There is an optional stop the Deer Park Winery and where you can tour their antique car museum.

The ride begins by heading North on I-15 from Rt. 78. Take the second exit which is Deer Springs/Mountain Meadow road. Turn right and immediately turn left at the stop. You are now heading North on Champagne Blvd which becomes Old Highway 395. This is essentially a frontage road for I-15. You will ride along the base of some smaller mountains and will pass the Lawrence Welk Resort area. You may be interested in visiting some of the shops at the resort.

Continuing North, the route turns right on Old Castle road. You will pass along a stretch where traffic is "calmed". Once you leave the calmed area, Old Castle works it's way up the mountain side. This area has a mixture of homes and orchards.

Old Castle merges with Lilac and continues East until it ends at Valley Center road. Turn left at Valley Center. Continue North on Valley Center and turn left on Miller. This will take you around the busiest part of Valley Center.

Turn left on Cole Grade road but watch for fast traffic. After a long straight stretch, the ride gets very interesting with a killer view of the mountains ahead of you as you loop down the mountain side. Be sure to watch the road and don't be too distracted by the scenery. At the bottom of the descent, the road continues straight North and passes thru a dip. This dip is a stream crossing that is normally dry. However, we have seen times when the water is several feet deep and the road is closed.

When you reach the stop sign, you have reached Rt. 76 and should turn right. This stretch of road should look familiar since it is common to several of our rides. After you pass several orchards, the route turns right on Valley Center Rd. In accordance with it's name, Valley Center road takes you thru the valley between several groups of mountains. You will pass the Rincon Casino so watch for the traffic. You will then work your way up the mountain side and, once you reach the top, should look to turn left on Lake Wohlford road.

Follow Lake Wohlford road South, past the Valley View Casino, and turn right on Woods Valley road. Woods Valley road has some fun turns. In about a mile, watch for the Bates Nut Farm on your right and turn at the entrance. You should find plenty of parking. The main building is located at the end of the loop and you can buy an assortment of nuts, fruits, etc. Next door is an antiques shop and a small hot dog/hamburger stand. There is also a small petting zoo that is worth a look. This is a great location for a picnic.

Bates Nut Farm
Bates Nut Farm

When you are ready to leave Bates Nut Farm, continue around the loop and return to Woods Valley road where you will turn right to continue West. At the end of Woods Valley road you should turn right on Valley Center road. On your right, you will pass Fat Ivors which is a favorite place for barbeque ribs. Continue onward and turn left on Lilac road. This completes the loop and you are heading back towards the start of the ride.

Head West on Lilac and follow it when it turns right and Old Castle continues straight. Lilac is one of our favorite local roads which can be ridden any time of the year. It has a lot of tight turns and usually traffic is light. Follow Lilac until West Lilac bears to your left and Lilac turns to your right. Take West Lilac but watch for traffic from your right as you cross the lane and continue straight on West Lilac.

West Lilac continues the fun with a series of tight turns. You will pass a mixture of orchards, nurseries, and homes until you reach a Tee. West Lilac turns right but this route turns left on Circle R. Circle R continues the pattern of twisting roads and ends with a huge sweeping turn with a great view of the mountains. At the Tee, turn left on Champagne blvd and the ride ends at Gopher Canyon. We hope you liked the ride.